Guides make it easier for customers to find the right product by presenting a limited selection of products that match their needs. The solution focuses on the customer need instead of product attributes, to take the shopping experience one step closer to what customers expect in physical stores.


Interactive guides, completely built in Dialogtrail's platform, started to roll out on in June 2021. The project's goal is to streamline the purchase process for Proteinbolaget's customers, by removing the step in the buying process where the customer is expected to learn about the benefits of the various products.

Dialogtrail’s technology has its roots in conversational marketing on messaging apps and social media for B2C e-commerce. The guides utilize the same intuitive format found in messaging apps, designed with mobile users in focus. "We are very happy for the opportunity to prove that Dialogtrail can create measurable value on the web together with Proteinbolaget", says Axel Hellström, co-founder and CEO of Dialogtrail.

The interactive guides that appear around the website dynamically filter out products based on the customer's needs, by asking questions that are easy to answer. The guide will, for example, ask about what kind of result the customers are looking for and present suitable products.  

“When selling dietary supplements it’s always a challenge to sell the right products to beginners, as it can be a bit of a jungle to navigate around in all product categories and difficult terms. With Dialogtrail, we can in a simple and fun way help our customers choose the right products based on personal preferences, without the need to be an expert on dietary supplements. We simply ask a number of pedagogical questions to the customer and based on the answers, the products that match best are presented. That’s personalization for real. ”says Troels Poppe, Chief Digital Officer at Proteinbolaget

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