The first thing you need to do before building your guide is to connect a data feed to Dialogtrail. If you haven't done that already, click here.

To create your first guide start by clicking on Web page and then Product guides.

Go to guide builder

Click on either + Create one from scratch or + New guide 

Create guide button

Locale is used if you have a guide in several languages.
Data source is the collection you want the data to be fetched from (if there is no Data source to choose from click here.)


Creating questions and buttons is fairly self-explanatory. Click on what you want to change in the guide and use the text fields and settings in the menu to add texts or images.

Build the guide

Once you have created a question and options you need to add Attributes.

Add attributes

When adding attributes to the guide you can set how Dialogtrail should handle the attribute. There are three alternatives:
Only show products with color: Blue
Weight: Prioritize product with color: Blue
Exclude: Do not show product with color: Blue

weights ptags2

You can also add more than one attribute at once. Setting an attribute as OR will show products that are blue, but it will also show products that are yellow. However, setting the attributes as AND will show products that are both blue and yellow.


Now that you know how to create questions, options and how to connect attributes to the guide you can build a guide. Don't forget to use the preview function while building your guide to see if it recommends the products you expect it to.

preview guide

Clicking publish will not make the guide go live even if you installed Dialogtrail's script on your website. For the guide to appear on your website you need to create a placement and connect your guide to it.

Click here for instructions on how to create a placement.

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