Connecting a data feed is generally the first step to building a guide through Dialogtrail.

For more detailed information on what a data feed is and how it should look to work well with Dialogtrail click here.

If you have a feed and want to connect it to Dialogtrail, go to Products -> Collections and click on + Create feed and collection

Create collection1

Before adding a feed URL you need to create a new collection.   

create collection

Paste your feed URL, specify what file format and language it is.

Connect feed settings

In the feed preview, you will be able to get an overview of how the data in the feed looks. This is an opportunity to see if any attributes need further transforming. 

preview feed 1

After clicking on next you will match and transform attributes. In the example below I added a split on to make Mens, Outdoor, Running and Running shoes into separate attributes.

feed transformer 1

Click on Preview transformed to preview your transformation, if you're satisfied with the result click on Next

preview transofrm 1

Last step!

Choose a name for your feed and set how often Dialogtrail should update it. Click on Submit and Dialogtrail will start importing the data with your newly added transformation. 

my first feed finaliz


Your first collection has been uploaded and can be used in a guide.

Now you're ready to start building your first guide. Click here

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