Finding the right LEGO® set for someone is no easy task! Jollyroom’s LEGO® gift finder offers an interactive and playful brand experience that engages and advises customers which LEGO® set fits them best. When looking for a gift to someone else or yourself the guide helps you narrow down the selection in an efficient way that takes the LEGO® builder’s age, preferences as well as the buyer’s budget into account.

Jollyroom is the largest e-commerce company in Scandinavia selling child and baby products and operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany as well as Austria. The LEGO® gift finder is their first interactive product guide, and a part of an initiative to provide a more customer-centric experience. The project involved collaborators across different departments who worked on building the guide together in Dialogtrail.

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Link to the LEGO® gift finder (Swedish website)

“Working with Jollyroom on bringing the LEGO® guide to life was a great experience. It's a very relatable guide to work on because of the personal relation most of us have towards the LEGO® brand. At the same time most of us know how hard it can be finding a perfect gift for someone.”
-Oliver Young, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Dialogtrail.

The Dialogtrail platform enables organisations to work agile on bringing their guiding experiences to life. Offering an easy step-by-step technical implementation, and a visual interface tailored for content creation and continuous performance improvements. Providing fast editing tools and detailed usage-data that show the guide’s impact on sales.

“We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, guide them in their needs and offer them an excellent user experience. With Jollyroom’s interactive LEGO® gift finder we are able to simplify our customers' gift shopping journey and delight them with great gift ideas. -Annett Hanna, Head of Brand and Design at Jollyroom.

The LEGO® guide offers a new interactive element to the LEGO® brand section on Jollyroom’s website, making it stand out further while encompassing the playfulness of the brand. 

“We know online shopping experience is becoming increasingly important, and the gift finder tool made in collaboration between Jollyroom & Dialogtrail is a step change for the LEGO® brand experience at Jollyroom. I am especially excited by how fast Jollyroom took the project from idea to a an amazing finished solution.”
-Casper Skaarup Sigaard, E-Commerce Channel Manager at the LEGO Group

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