On the 28 of October, it was finally time for a long-awaited D-congress since the pandemic! It was a blast meeting up with all the leaders from different sectors that all strive to shape the future of commerce. Where we got to mingle with both existing and potential customers that look to pave the way in conversational product guidance.


Post-pandemic trends

The effects of the pandemic on retail and eCommerce was a common thread among this year's speakers, exhibitors and visitors. There has been an acceleration in digital solutions to facilitate customer interaction. Innovation has been focused on how to accommodate the surge of first-time eCommerce users, that have previously visited physical stores to buy goods. This has caused an emergence of personalization services throughout the customer journey, from first contact to delivery.

Has the store become the complement to the website?

Discussions took place around the role of the physical store in retail. Lately, pure-player eCommerce actors have been opening stores and showrooms whilst traditional retail players closing the doors on many physical locations. A common thread on this topic is however that both strive to provide an omnichannel customer experience. 

This generated a lot of attention to us both at the expo, where both traditional retailers and eCommerce players wanted to provide a more customer-centric pre-purchase experience. That many made the parable between our product-finder and attendants in physical retail was crystal clear. Many feel they miss out on the expert level guidance provided in a physical store, where attendants help customers find products.

We hosted a slightly over-tuned eCom genius quiz with prizes

We built an eCommerce quiz that covered a broad range with 5 questions from different areas, with many sought-after rewards from some of our clients. However, it turns out we made this quiz a bit too hard for most, with no one of our contestants scoring 5/5. Try our eCom genius quiz yourself here, it's built using Dialogtrail like a sandbox environment.

To summarise

We had a great time and got to talk many about how to shape the future of eCommerce!

Like to meet in person? On February 22-23, we will attend Retail Tech 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. Come say hi to us in our booth or reach out if you want to book a meeting with our experts.

Until next time!


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